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When Sarah arrived for Ginger's first massage appointment, I wasn't sure how Ginger would react. Although she's cuddly with me, she can be nervous in new situations with new people. During the first appointment, and in subsequent sessions, Sarah patiently allowed Ginger to warm up to the idea of massage, keeping a steady focus on Ginger's cues and finding inventive ways to meet her on her own terms. After a couple of sessions, Ginger relaxed and seemed to enjoy the massage. On her fifth session, Ginger even dozed off and began to snore a little.


During each session, Sarah explained why she was focusing on specific areas and pointed out places where she noticed tightness or sensitivity. Sarah gave special attention to Ginger's wrists, which she explained bear added stress because of Ginger's leg shape. After each massage, Ginger's limbs seemed looser, and she appeared more relaxed overall. 

Ginger certainly benefited from Sarah's massage therapy, both physically and socially, but I also learned more about Ginger's physical health and well-being. Sarah's patient and loving approach to Ginger made the experience enjoyable, as well as therapeutic.

Nancy G.

Sarah's massage has worked wonders for my dog, Vesper. She's now much calmer and less anxious when I leave the house. Vesper gives her two paws up.

David M.

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